Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Got Balls..........

Dryer balls that is .....LOL.
Continuing my quest to make my home as healthy as possible I purchased some dryer balls. You put the 3 dryer balls in the dryer with your clothes and turn it on just like normal. Dryer balls soften clothes naturally, reduces drying time by 25%, helps eliminate wrinkles, reduce static cling and saves energy. Best of all,  you can put Young Living Essential oils on the balls and your laundry will smell how you want it to.

I am so excited to get rid of dryer sheets, not only am I saving money but I'm helping the environment...win win.

You can make your own dryer balls ( tutorials are on YouTube ), Etsy has tons of sellers of homemade dryer balls and of course Amazon. I purchased mine from Norwex and they are guaranteed  for 1000 loads.

Do you have some Balls? Let me know what your favorite essential oils are to add to them. Don't forget we are still doing the $20 Voucher Giveaway .

Full Disclosure Notice: My Sister in law, Jennifer sells Norwex and the link is her site. I paid full price for my Dryer Balls and I would not feature Norwex's product if I did not believe it was a good product. I received no compensation from either one and all opinions are my own.

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