Saturday, June 28, 2014

Diffuser Love

     Continuing my love of everything Young Living Essential Oils  and making my house as non-toxic as possible for me and my family has made me fall in love with the Home Diffuser. 
Isn't it beautiful?? I love diffusing the oils....stinky smell? Diffuse Purification, it cleans the air. Everyone sick? Diffuse Thieves.

     I currently have 2 Diffusers and I HATE moving them so in my quest to rid my house of toxins I am getting rid of theses bad boys.
And replacing them with Diffusers. I figure it cost $5.00 to refill one of these and it might last 30 days. So with 3 that's $15.00 ( plus batteries they each take 2 ). After 5 months not only have I paid for the diffuser ( did I mention it comes with 2 free oils Peppermint and citrus ?? ) but I'm making my home and family healthier.

    Please remember I'm just a mom doing whats best for my family not a doctor and these are just my opinions.

Peace and Love,


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Homemade Deodorant

     At the beginning of the month I finally went to the doctor for my left side pain that was causing me numbness. The pain was under the armpit but radiated into the breast and sometimes up into the collarbone and had been making my left arm fall asleep when I was sleeping and was now causing it to fall asleep while I was driving. After exam I had blood work, EKG and of course a Mammogram ( my fun are they?????? ) Still waiting on answers for the pain but it got me thinking about my breasts and cancer.

    I'm just like the millions of other women who everyday ( sometimes twice a day ) put on deodorant/antiperspirant, but what exactly am I putting that close to not only my breast but my lymph nodes ? So with my new found love of any and everything Young Living Oils  I looked for deodorants made with Natural ingredients. There all all kinds out there but I'm kinda impatient and wanted to try to make one NOW ! I saw a liquid one on Thrive Style's Facebook page that was simple and I had most supplies needed on hand.

I added Witch Hazel to a 1 oz Glass spray container, added 10 drops of Purification and 10 drops of Joy, and last but not least 1/2 teas of baking soda.

Purification is considered a good disinfectant and purifier. It contains Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Tea Tree and myrtle

Joy has Geranium in it which is said to help with sweating ( I really need that ). It also contains Rose, Bergamot, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Chamomile Roman, and Rosewood. It smells Heavenly : )

Adding all that to the bottle, I gave it a few shakes and sprayed......its smells wonderful ( skipped my perfume ) and dried quickly. I did sit in a 90+ degree car today for a hour at Tennis lessons and noticed no odor or sweating.

I am hoping to get in my ER order next month Sage and Geranium, both are said to help control the sweating ( I am a sweater so I need all the help I can get ). I am not a patient person and had to make this today so Joy it was and it seems to work. 

My nine year old started using Secret about 3 months ago ( click and see what is said about Secret ) and I really hope this homemade deodorant works for me so I can put her on it. If not I'll start experimenting again for different one, there are way to many chemicals and unknowns in commercially bought deodorant for  me to trust it on her pre Puberty body.

Remember I'm not a doctor and this is just what  works for me and my family : )

Peace and Love,


Monday, June 23, 2014

My Current Favorite " THIEVES"

     I received my Premium starter kit in June 2014.....I made the plunge on Mothers Day to order it from  Young Living Oils. I started researching All Natural Healing after my 5 year got Strep Throat for the 2nd time in less then 2 months. After the last course on Penicillin was done I knew there had to be a better way to get and keep her healthy. When I took her back to the Doctor for her follow-up she was still not 100% but no strep. I asked why were her tonsils still swollen and angry looking and she told me allergies and to give her Zyrtec.

     I knew we were not dealing with allergies but that seems to be their answer for everything. During my research I kept seeing this Thieves mentioned ( lots of talk about super bugs and MRSA ) which lead me to Young Living. My Oily Angels Sherri and Kirsten answered so many questions and steered me in the right direction.

     First thing I did when I got my kit was diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint in the 5 year old room ( they call this the allergy bomb ), you can also take it in a veggie capsule ( only ingest young living oils ) but I knew the 5 year old would not go for that. Next I put a drop of Thieves Oil on her big toe.....she calls it her gingerbread cookie oil. The next morning I could already tell she was not all Nasally talking and her throat looked so much better. I used Thieves on her for about a week and she is back to 100% ( no Zyrtec ).
    I Received a little spray bottle of Thieves oil from Kirsten when I got my kit ( you get the little bottles and drop some salt in there ( this helps the oil mix with the water )add a drop or two of Thieves, fill with water and shake ). When I got it I just dropped it in my purse and never gave it another thought until I needed to go Potty at SAMS one day. The cleaning lady was in there and the pledge fumes were overwhelming before I even got in the door......she was cleaning the toilets and everything else in that restroom with pledge. The toilet seat was gleaming ......I knew no seat protector was gonna help me here, then I remembered my little bottles of Thieves. I sprayed the seat with Thieves and wiped it down with Toilet Paper  before putting the seat protector on there. Who disinfects a public toilet   with Pledge???? I'm waiting on some soap pumps so I can make some hand soap for the bathrooms and kitchen in the house. There are hundreds of ways to use Thieves but these are my first 2 ( I can't wait to try more ). Please remember I'm not a doctor or giving medical advice this is just what works for me and my family : )

Peace and Love,


Thieves in the news

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Introduction to Me

Hey Y'all

Yes I really talk like that. It gets worse if I'm around other Southerners ....LOL....more of a drawl.
I'm Kim and I'm a 41 year old Stay at home mother to 3 Kiddo's here is Southern GA. I'm originally from Southern NC but I married my Army husband and we are here now : (

I was a Police Officer in my previous life and I've been a SAHM for almost 11 years.
With being a mother I'm always thinking of ways to keep my 3 healthy which has made me change our diet ( not as much as I want to but baby steps ), the medicines we take and the chemicals we clean our house with.

I have PKD which causes me to have High BP and I'm more prone to Kidney Stones. I Take 2 BP medicines and Potassium Citrate daily. I also have a family history of Heart Disease. I hate taking medicine and face the possibility of being put on more.

After finding out about Young Living Oils and The Young's Story I have had my hope of  living a more natural life restored. I just started using the oils ( a month now ) and I'm constantly amazed by them.

I'm not a doctor or in anyway telling you what to do. This blog is just my ramblings of how Young Living Essential oils and healthy living are helping me.

Peace and Love.