Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Losing weight Young Living Essential Oil Style

This Month I'm participating in The Oily Challenge groups Weight loss challenge . I started 3 days ago, I was a little late in getting my oils.

I'm doing Young Living Essential oils Slique .....I take the capsules 45 minutes before I eat ( there are 3 in a pack ) and this helps fill me up and curb my appetite. I take the Young Living Oil Blend Slique in a capsule with some coconut oil early afternoon to curb any snacking. If its a rough day I chew a piece Young Living Essential Oils Slique Gum. 

In the morning I apply Young Living Essential oils Grapefruit and Cypress to my trouble spots. If you want to know more about the benefits of Grapefruit and cypress go Here . I also start my morning off with a big glass of water and Young Living Essential Oils Lemon   ( it helps detox the liver and gives me a good start to my day.

I also added Young Living Essential Oils Essentialzymes-4 this month. It is a multi-spectrum enzyme complex to aid digestion of fats, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates. Trying to get digestion/gut under control this year.

Interested in joining in on the Weight Loss Challenge? Contact me thru comments, facebook, twitter or e-mail to find out how. Next month the challenge is Energy and Stamina....who doesn't need that ???

Interested in Young Living Essential Oils ? Contact me and I'll be glad to help you out. Please remember all opinions and information on the blog are mine and I'm not a doctor, just a mom doing whats best for her family.

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