Saturday, June 28, 2014

Diffuser Love

     Continuing my love of everything Young Living Essential Oils  and making my house as non-toxic as possible for me and my family has made me fall in love with the Home Diffuser. 
Isn't it beautiful?? I love diffusing the oils....stinky smell? Diffuse Purification, it cleans the air. Everyone sick? Diffuse Thieves.

     I currently have 2 Diffusers and I HATE moving them so in my quest to rid my house of toxins I am getting rid of theses bad boys.
And replacing them with Diffusers. I figure it cost $5.00 to refill one of these and it might last 30 days. So with 3 that's $15.00 ( plus batteries they each take 2 ). After 5 months not only have I paid for the diffuser ( did I mention it comes with 2 free oils Peppermint and citrus ?? ) but I'm making my home and family healthier.

    Please remember I'm just a mom doing whats best for my family not a doctor and these are just my opinions.

Peace and Love,


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