Monday, June 23, 2014

My Current Favorite " THIEVES"

     I received my Premium starter kit in June 2014.....I made the plunge on Mothers Day to order it from  Young Living Oils. I started researching All Natural Healing after my 5 year got Strep Throat for the 2nd time in less then 2 months. After the last course on Penicillin was done I knew there had to be a better way to get and keep her healthy. When I took her back to the Doctor for her follow-up she was still not 100% but no strep. I asked why were her tonsils still swollen and angry looking and she told me allergies and to give her Zyrtec.

     I knew we were not dealing with allergies but that seems to be their answer for everything. During my research I kept seeing this Thieves mentioned ( lots of talk about super bugs and MRSA ) which lead me to Young Living. My Oily Angels Sherri and Kirsten answered so many questions and steered me in the right direction.

     First thing I did when I got my kit was diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint in the 5 year old room ( they call this the allergy bomb ), you can also take it in a veggie capsule ( only ingest young living oils ) but I knew the 5 year old would not go for that. Next I put a drop of Thieves Oil on her big toe.....she calls it her gingerbread cookie oil. The next morning I could already tell she was not all Nasally talking and her throat looked so much better. I used Thieves on her for about a week and she is back to 100% ( no Zyrtec ).
    I Received a little spray bottle of Thieves oil from Kirsten when I got my kit ( you get the little bottles and drop some salt in there ( this helps the oil mix with the water )add a drop or two of Thieves, fill with water and shake ). When I got it I just dropped it in my purse and never gave it another thought until I needed to go Potty at SAMS one day. The cleaning lady was in there and the pledge fumes were overwhelming before I even got in the door......she was cleaning the toilets and everything else in that restroom with pledge. The toilet seat was gleaming ......I knew no seat protector was gonna help me here, then I remembered my little bottles of Thieves. I sprayed the seat with Thieves and wiped it down with Toilet Paper  before putting the seat protector on there. Who disinfects a public toilet   with Pledge???? I'm waiting on some soap pumps so I can make some hand soap for the bathrooms and kitchen in the house. There are hundreds of ways to use Thieves but these are my first 2 ( I can't wait to try more ). Please remember I'm not a doctor or giving medical advice this is just what works for me and my family : )

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