Monday, July 7, 2014

Disney Red Rash AKA Golfer’s Vasculitis

      We went to Disney in May and low and behold I got the "Red Rash" again all over my ankles. I have always attributed it to the endless walking you do in the heat at Disney. When we returned this time I decided to Google the term Disney red leg rash and came up with tons of sites.....we should have our own club...LOL. 

     It seems the "rash" is actually a form of sun burn caused by the sun reflecting off the black asphalt. People who wear socks or long pants or have sun screened their legs up don't suffer as much. One image and another image of what it looks like ...of course mine is worse. We are headed to Universal Studios near the end of the month so with my love of everything Young Living Essential Oils I'm hoping to avoid it ( if not I'll get a good picture for the blog ).

    First I'm going to use Sherri's Bug Repellant/Sun Screen ( I make the spray one ) and if I do happen to get the rash I hope to stop it dead in its tracks with some Healing Young Living Essential Oil's Lavender.

    Remember I'm not a doctor, I just do whats best for me and my family and hope it helps you along the way.

Peace and Love,


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