Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sun Burn (uh oh's )

      5 year old has soccer camp this week during the morning and with the rushing out the door ( because we are running late as usual ) I forgot sunscreen.

     Poor little bug got a sun burn.

     After coming home I mixed up coconut oil and Young Living Carrot Seed Oil in a spray bottle and put it in my car......No more Mommy Brain. Young Living Carrot Seed Oil has a SPF between 38-40 and Coconut oil has a SPF of 2-8. I also added some Young Living Purification to cover the smell of the Carrot Seed oil. Adding the Young Living Purification Oil also helps it repel bugs.

    Please Remember I'm not a doctor and this is what I do for me and my Family. Curious about Young Living Essential Oils ? Feel free to comment or connect with me on my Facebook or Twitter pages.

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